Brighton Stadium Capacity

How big is the Amex stadium?

105 by 68 metres

Field size 105 by 68 metres (114.8 yd × 74.4 yd)
Surface Grass
Built 17 December 2008
Opened July 2011

How big is Brighton and Hove stadium?
The club's home ground is the 31,800-capacity Falmer Stadium, situated in Falmer to the north east of the city. Founded in 1901, and nicknamed the "Seagulls" or "Albion", Brighton played their early professional football in the Southern League, before being elected to the Football League in 1920.

Who has the smallest ground in the Premier League?

Current smallest – The Brentford Community Stadium – 17,250

Only opened in 2020, Brentford fans had to wait a long time before they could visit their new ground due to the Covid pandemic.

How many people can fit in the Amex stadium?

American Express Community Stadium

What is the capacity of the King Power stadium?

King Power Stadium

What stadium has the biggest capacity?

Capacity of 100,000 or more

Stadium Capacity Country
Michigan Stadium 107,601 United States
Beaver Stadium 106,572 United States
Ohio Stadium 102,780 United States
Kyle Field 102,733 United States

Which stadium has the highest capacity in England?

Old Trafford, home to Manchester United, is the biggest stadium in the English Premier League, with a capacity of 74,140. It is the second-largest football stadium in the United Kingdom, behind only the national stadium, Wembley, which has a capacity of 90,000.

What is the capacity of Turf Moor?

Turf Moor

How safe is Brighton?

Is Brighton Safe to Visit? Yes. Brighton is a very safe city to visit when compared to most cities around the world. The overall rate of crime may be “normal” for the UK but crime across the UK is much lower than it is in many other countries.

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What is the capacity of Burnley's stadium?

Turf Moor

What is the capacity of Portman Road?

Portman Road Stadium

What is the capacity of Cardiff City Stadium?

Cardiff City Stadium

Can the Amex stadium be expanded?

This week, deputy chairman Barber was asked in a Brighton fans' forum for an update on the stadium's expansion plans. While it will go up to nearly 32,000, it is unlikely to increase to the maximum capacity for the foreseeable future.

Brentford Community Stadium

American Express Community Stadium

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